Your bottle, now with purification

Clean bottle. Fresh water. All day long. The ultimate upgrade.

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  • CamelBak
  • Owala
  • HydroFlask
  • Takeya
  • Klean Kanteen
  • Yeti
  • IronFlask
  • Simple Modern
  • Thermos
  • Stanley
  • Chilly's Series 2
  • Corkcicle
  • Miir
  • Nalgene
  • Self-cleaning, automagically

    Pod turns on every 2 hours to keep your bottle clean and your water pure. No more nasty smells.

  • Pure water anywhere

    Eliminate up to 99.99%* of germs and bacteria in your water and bottle. Just fill up and shake!


    * Tested on E.Coli in Nuvoe Bottles using 3-min Deep Clean

  • Travel without worries

    Have confidence in your drinking water when you're on the go. Pod always has your back. Hakuna matata!

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Upgrade your favourite bottle

Whether it's a Hydro Flask, Yeti or Klean Kanteen, insulated or not, made out of plastic, glass or metal, Pod has got your back. Just attach a Magnetic Anchor to the outside of your bottle and drop in Pod. Easy!

With additional Magnetic Anchors you can even move Pod between bottles whenever you like!

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Perfectly pair with Nuvoe Bottle

24h ice cold insulation, premium soft-touch elastomer sleeve, built-in Magnetic Anchor.

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  • Deborah C. says

    "My water bottle has never been cleaner and the water just tastes better. So easy."



  • Eadie M. says

    "’s that peace of mind while I'm traveling. Love it!"




  • Chris F. says

    "Easily the best purchase I made last year. So convenient that it can move between bottles. Five stars!"