Turn your bottle into a germ killing machine!

Harness the power of Deep UV light to clean your bottle and kill hidden microbes in your water.

Turn your bottle into a germ killing machine!

Harness the power of Deep UV light to clean your bottle and kill hidden microbes in your water.

Water bottles are a perfect incubator for all sorts of germs and viruses. Yet we drink from them every day. Yuck.

We're meant to wash our bottles every single day to keep our bottles clean and our water pure. Not only is it a hassle and easy to forget to do, but academic studies say that even thoroughly washing bottles every single day still isn't enough. Bio-contaminants rapidly build up in our bottles even in-between daily washes. Where does it come from? Some from us when we sip and some from our tap water!

Meet Nuvoe.

Small yet powerful, the Nuvoe Pod is a UV-C sanitiser designed to live inside your water bottle and eliminate up to 99.9999% of germs and viruses.
Step 1

Upgrade your bottle.

Attach the Puck and the Pod will magnetically snap into place. You only need to do this once.

Step 2

Shake to activate.

Shake for 2 seconds to start, or for 4 seconds to start a deep clean. The beep will confirm the cycle has started.

Step 3

That's it!

Nuvoe is now cleaning your water and bottle and will beep again to alert you when done. It's that easy!

Clean water. Every time.

Whether you're at home, school, or the office, fill and shake your bottle to activate a cleaning cycle. This eliminates the germs that are both in your water, and living on the inside of your bottle.

Explore safely, without worries.

Have confidence in your drinking water while on the move or overseas.

Questionable water quality? Fill then shake your bottle for 4 seconds to activate a deep cleaning cycle. This extra-rigorous cycle sanitises the water for 3 minutes, eliminating 99.9999% of harmful microorganisms.

Constantly cleans. So you don't have to.

Nuvoe automatically activates every two hours to kill and prevent the build up of biofilm that is the culprit of that nasty water bottle smell.

That daily struggle of washing the inside of your bottle? Gone.

Upgrade any bottle.

Nuvoe is compatible with most wide-neck bottles - just upgrade your favourite bottle with the Nuvoe Pod. Different bottles for different activities? Just swap the Pod amongst your bottles to always drink the cleanest water. No matter what you’re doing.

Accessorise with a Nuvoe bottle.

Perfectly pair your Pod with one of our bottles specifically designed to enhance Nuvoe's germ killing power. Made out of durable and medical-grade stainless steel, choose the bottle for your lifestyle whether it be double-wall insulated or lightweight and voluminous.

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