About us

A need, often overlooked

Access to clean drinking water is essential, yet estimates show 60% of people globally lack access to safe drinking water. This is due to water contaminated by aging water distribution infrastructure and improper wastewater management. Every other week there’s news of an outbreak or a water crisis, whether it’s infrastructural problems in Flint, Michigan, chemical spills in East Palestine, or bacterial outbreaks in rural Victoria, Australia.

Bottling is not the answer

While bottling water can give us greater certainty in quality, it is costly at scale and is wreaking havoc on the planet. There is an immense amount of energy that goes into creating every single bottle, and then once filled there’s a heap of energy in transportation of that water.

Then comes the even bigger environmental issue: some estimates show that up to 91% of these single-use bottles are not recycled! Instead it all ends up in landfills and oceans where not only it causes environmental havoc but also deteriorates into microplastics which has found its way into our waterways and food, ending up back into our bodies.

Decentralised treatment is the answer

We strongly believe that treating water at the point of consumption is the most superior solution.

Not only does it guarantee the quality of your water right before you drink, it eliminates the waste and energy consumption of bottling and distribution, thereby making it more convenient and more cost effective. You take charge of your own water quality.

The genesis

What got us started? We love our refillable water bottles - we have one with us all the time - but they do come with their own annoyances & problems. Research brought us to news articles & supporting papers that surprised us with how much biocontamination lives inside our bottles and how municipal water isn't as clean as we think it is. We also hate that funky smell and 'off' taste that can slowly develop throughout the day no matter how much we rinse it out; and the daily chore of washing to keep the water tasting great does become tiresome.

As product developers we have an inherent passion to solve problems that we see around us and so we set off to design a product that upgrades our existing water bottle with self-cleaning and keep us using our bottles every day knowing the water is as clean and fresh as it can be. After several years of hard work, Nuvoe Pod was born: the world’s first self-cleaning and water purification for your favourite water bottle.

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