• No consumables, no filter cartridges

    Which means no repeat cost and no waste.

  • No chemicals, no BPA

    TriWave is a 100% chemical-free process: no ozone, no mercury.

Nature’s disinfectant

UVC is a natural wavelength of light emitted by our sun. While most UV wavelengths transmit happily through our atmosphere to reach us on the surface, UVC is 100% absorbed by the earths ozone layer.

Because of this, microbes and single-celled organisms are susceptible to this short wavelength that carries enough energy to disrupt the micro-organisms DNA.

This leaves them unable to perform vital cellular functions, rendering them ineffective, and means they can no longer contribute to disease spread or infection.

Efficacy study 🧪

Nuvoe Pod & Bottle were tested for efficacy against Escherichia coli (E.Coli) by an independent 3rd-party GLP lab, Eurofins.

This study followed AS/NZS 4276.7 with triplicate testing being performed on three individual Nuvoe Pod & Bottle systems on ‘Bottle’ mode.

An average of a 4-log reduction (99.994%) of the challenge organism was achieved.

Log reduction explained

Pod reduces up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria in 3 minutes when tested on E.Coli as shown in the study above.

The remained of the 0.01% of the bacteria is a concentration so small it is often harmless.

The majority of the bacterium is eliminated in the first few moments of the cycle, in a manner similar to that shown on the graph.

  • Narrowband 275m

    Optimal frequency for water purification.

  • Power of 3

    Three LEDs to increase power and maximise coverage inside your bottle.

  • Middle-out

    Greater efficiency, higher effectiveness due to the inverse-square law.

Why narrowband 275nm?

Traditional UV disinfection methods which use a peak wavelength of 405nm light require about 1200 times more light than 275nm in order to achieve the same disinfection rate.

With TriWave being a narrowband 275nm (meaning the light is super concentrated at 275nm), it allows for a 4-log purification to take place at much lower power than 405nm resulting in a safer system and enables the long battery of Pod.

The quality of your water

Even the in the world’s most regulated countries, municipal tap water isn’t bacteria-free, and even when it’s been chlorinated and treated, the levels of bacteria present grow into alarming levels even at room temperature.

Using a filter could make it worse, and water bottles are great at harbouring germs at alarming levels thanks to the added nutrients and bacteria from our backwash, often causing nasty smells..

Single use plastic bottles are a solution but it’s terrible for the environment and it’s costly. It seems like a war we can’t win.

That’s why we created Nuvoe.

Treat before you drink

If you treat your water right before you drink it, you eliminate all that uncertainty.

Nuvoe believes that decontamination of water at the point of consumption is the most cost effective, most sustainable and most reliable way to provide safe, clean drinking water.

Better for you, better for all

Providing access to clean drinking water at the point of consumption is a massive aid to sustainability goals. It directly reduces plastic bottle waste, reduces the impact and cost of transporting water, reduces the costs of maintaining water treatment infrastructure and reduces water loss.

Switching to an in-bottle water purifier like Nuvoe can eliminate up to 12,000 metric tonnes of plastic waste entering our oceans every year.

In five years, Nuvoe in-bottle purifiers will process over 12.5 million litres of water/month, eliminating 2000 tonnes of PET or 78 million single-use water bottles need equivalent and upcycled 500,000 refillable bottles into water purifiers.

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