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Using the Pod

How does Pod work?

Pod’s TriWave purification system uses the power of narrowband 275nm UVC light to safely and effectively purify your water up to 99.99%*.

275nm light disrupts the nucleic acid and structure of cells of germs and bacteria, rendering them ineffective.

TriWave is a 3x UVC LED system that maximises coverage inside the bottle to ensure your water and bottle are as clean as can be.

What brands or bottles are compatible with Pod?

Pod works with most popular wide-necked bottles on the market, including from brands like Hydro Flask, Klean Kanteen, Yeti, Simple Modern, Stanley, Camelbak, Thermos, Chilly’s, MiiR, Takeya, Contigo, Iron Flask, etc.

Narrow mouth bottles like S’Well are too narrow to fit the Pod.

The neck would have to be wider than 36mm (1.4”) for Pod to fit through. Not all bottles offered by these popular brands will be big enough to fit Pod through the neck. Also - consider the lid style as drinking straw styles or bottles with integrated diffusers or filters can interfere with the Pod when it is mounted.

If in doubt, consider getting the Nuvoe Bottle which has been specifically designed for Pod!

For full details on compatibles bottles, see this page.

How do I activate the self-cleaning feature?

When your Pod is in ⚫️ Bottle Mode or ⚫️ ⚫️ Timer Mode, it will automatically activate to stop any proliferation of germs and bacteria.

In ⚫️ Bottle Mode, TriWave turns on 5 seconds every 2 hours.

In ⚫️ ⚫️ Timer Mode, TriWave turns on 10 seconds every 1 hour.

How do I use Pod?

It’s simple!

  1. The first time you need to install the Magnetic Anchor on the outside of your preferred bottle. Put the Pod into ⚫️ Bottle Mode by holding the button.
  2. Then, every time you refill, just shake the Pod until you hear the tone 🎶.
  3. In 1 minute your water is purified and your bottle is clean!

Does Pod work with insulated bottles?

Yes! The Magnetic Anchor has been tuned to work through a double-walled steel vacuum flask.

How do I know a Pod cycle has activated?

A tone 🎶 will play at the start of a TriWave purification cycle. The white LEDs will also either be:

– solid, meaning a standard 1 minute cycle is underway

∿ pulsating, meaning a Deep Clean 3 minute cycle is underway

A quick glance at the white LEDs on the Pod will tell you if you have activated a cleaning cycle.

What is Deep Clean and how do I activate it?

Deep Clean is for those times you aren’t too sure of the quality of your water, like when you’re abroad or hiking and filling up from a stream.

To activate a Deep Clean cycle, shake your bottle till you hear the second tone 🎶. Deep Clean lasts for 3 minutes - the longer the cleaning cycle, the higher the purification level.

The white LEDs on the Pod will begin a slow pulsating wave ∿ that indicate it's processing a Deep Clean cycle.

How do I use the Pod in my pitcher, jug or other large water container?

Switch Pod into ⚫️ ⚫️ Timer Mode. Hold down the button to switch modes.

In ⚫️ ⚫️ Timer Mode, TriWave automatically turns on 10 seconds every 1 hour to stop any proliferation of germs and bacteria.

How much water does Pod purify on one charge?

Pod will purify up to 250L (66 gal) of water on a single charge!

Is Pod waterproof?

Yes! It will happily sit in your water for extended periods of time - that’s how it’s designed to work.

Does Pod take up a lot of space in by bottle?

Nope! Pod's volume is a measly 29mL. We designed Pod to be as small as possible so you don't have to sacrifice your bottles water carrying capacity in order to benefit from its purification superpowers.

Can I only use Pod with Nuvoe Bottle?

Not at all. Use Additional Anchor to use Pod in other bottles.

What can Pod clean?

Will Pod work if I put ice in my bottle?

Yes. Pod is okay to sit along side ice cubes, causing no damage.

Can Pod purify hot water and beverages?

No. Pod is only rated up to 60°C (140°F). Do not place hot water or beverages in your bottle while Pod is in there. However, you can remove Pod from your bottle, and then use the bottle for hot beverages. When you are done drinking, simply drop Pod back inside.

Can Pod purify beverages other than water? Like coffee, teas and sport drinks?

No. Pod is designed to work with only water. TriWave uses narrowband 275nm UVC light to purify your water, and any additional compounds in the water that could obstruct the pathway of the light could affect the performance of the purification.

However, you can still use your bottle. If you choose to leave Pod in there simply remove it and give it and your bottle a rinse before you drop it back in. Otherwise, you can simply remove Pod before putting in your flavoured beverage, and then drop it back in when you’re done!

Does Pod remove particulates like sedimentation, micro-plastics, fluoride or heavy metals?

No. Pod’s TriWave purification system targets biocontamination such as germs, bacteria and viruses. When tested on E.Coli it can purify up to 99.99% when used in Deep Clean.

Can I use Pod to disinfect physical things other than water?

Yes, you certainly can!

Pod’s flexibility makes it so much more than other water purifiers. Place Pod into an enclosed container and activate Manual Start (refer to page 5 of the instruction manual) - this will initiate a 3 minute cleaning cycle that works brilliantly on your phone, keys, and other personal items.

Where can you use Pod?

Use Pod whenever you need to hydrate healthily! It is the modular water purification device that works wherever you are, including:

  • At work. Pod automagically turns on every couple of hours to keep your bottle pristinely clean and your drinking water tasting fresh.
  • Overseas. When you are unsure about the quality of the drinking water, take Pod with you. Its lightweight small design and long battery life makes sure you have can drink confidently wherever you are.
  • Keeping fit. Pod’s fast purifying action eliminates biocontaminants lurking in your water and stops them proliferating inside your favourite bottle between workouts.
  • In an emergency. Pod is a powerhouse at purifying water - so keep it close to hand if your water supply ever becomes contaminated or when clean water access becomes an issue. While Pod is highly efficient at eliminating biocontaminants, you should always remove particulates, dissolved solids or chemicals by filtration first whenever possible.
  • In the wild. Use Deep Clean mode to purify water from free-flowing natural water sources. Never get stuck without drinking water when you are out exploring.

Nuvoe Bottle

Why is Pod separate to Bottle?

By having Pod, the UV purifier, as a separate module it gives you the flexibility to move Pod between different bottles:

  1. Simply just because we feel like it or maybe it’s because it depends on what we’re doing. It might be a larger bottle or one that is more lightweight. Simply swap Pod using a Additional Anchors (sold separately).
  2. Bottles never last forever - they get damaged from from typical daily use, but Pod will last for many years. Just change your bottle and you’re good to go!

How do I wash my Nuvoe Bottle?

If paired with a Nuvoe Pod, you’ll find that you won’t need to wash your Bottle often - Pod will do all the hard work for you! Pod’s TriWave system kills germs and bacteria that causes those bottle smells and might make us ill.

We recommend you hand-wash your Bottle with warm water and soap once a month when you take our Pod out to recharge.

How long does it keep my water cool?

Nuvoe Bottle is rated to keep your water cold for up to 24h.

Can I use Nuvoe Bottle with hot water?

Yes, if you are not using a Nuvoe Pod. Pod is rated up to 60°C (140°F). Do not place hot water or beverages in your Bottle while Pod is in there. You can remove Pod from your bottle , and then use Bottle for hot beverages. When you are done drinking, simply drop Pod back inside.

Does Pod come bundled with Nuvoe Bottle?

No. If you wish to purchase both you may choose to either, add Pod and Bottle separetely into your cart, or purchase the Pod + Bottle bundle.

Why should I use Nuvoe Bottle with my Pod?

Nuvoe Bottle comes with a highly polished internal surface for increased effectiveness with Pod’s TriWave purification system and a Built-in Anchor ready to use with Pod. The underside of the cap is designed to minimise any nooks and crannies that accumulate contamination. It's also the best bottle out there!


How do I charge Pod?

A charging cable is provided with the Pod. One end magnetically attaches to Pod while the other can go into any USB port.

How often does Pod need to be charged?

A full charge should last around 1 month. Battery life varies depending on how often you use Pod. This estimate is based on 3-5 TriWave cycles per day.

Typically this equates to purifying over 250L (8,450 oz) of water a month on a single battery charge.

Pod is rechargeable with a provided USB cable. The device should give you many years of happy service with no extra purchases.

How do I know Pod needs charging?

Two things will happen, Pod will periodically play a tone 🎶 to indicate a low battery.

It will also continuously blink its white LEDs. Any time the white LEDs are blinking it means it will need to be recharged.

Pod will still be able to work for a couple of days after it first indicates a low battery. We suggest you recharge as soon as possible.

What do the different LED colours and patterns mean?

Refer to the “Charge your Pod” section in the product manual for full details on the LED behaviour.

How do I clean Pod?

Pod cleans itself using UVC light while it is in the bottle. However we recommend you give it a clean once a month after you recharge it. Simply rinse Pod under warm water.

How often should I wash my bottle?

Pod’s TriWave technology purifies the bottle of any biocontamination such as germs and bacteria meaning gone are the days of daily washes, however we suggest you wash your bottle with soap around once a month once you take out your Pod for recharging.

What chargers can I use?

Any USB charger will work. We recommend your phone charger. You can even use your computer if you'd like.

Magnetic Anchor

What bottles does Magnetic Anchor work with?

Let's put it this way - there's yet to be a bottle that Magnetic Anchor doesn't attach to! It works with glass, metal, and plastic bottles.

How do I attach Magnetic Anchor?

Simply remove the lining, hold it straight and halfway up your bottle, and then press hard for a few seconds.

Will Magnetic Anchor damage my bottle?

No. While the tape is high-bond, it is safe to use.

Can I remove it?

Yes, absolutely. Although after removal we recommend that a new Anchor be installed as the VHB tape might've lost its effectiveness once it's removed.


Is Pod safe to put in my drinking water?

Pod is made out of medical-grade and biocompatible materials that are food-safe and BPA-free, so yes! Completely safe to put in your drinking water.

Is there a risk I could swallow Pod?

No. Pod is very strongly held by the Magnetic Anchor and isn’t easily dislodged accidentally.

Pod is also designed to be compliant with the safety guidelines for choking hazards provided by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

How do I stop a UVC cycle?

Press the button to stop any TriWave purification cycle.

Are Nuvoe products BPA-free?

Pod is made out of medical grade and biocompatible materials that are food-safe and BPA-free. So yes, verifiably safe to put in your drinking water.

The inside of the Nuvoe Bottle is made out of medical grade 316L stainless steel with a silicone gasket for sealing, meaning your water is never in contact with any material that could contain BPA.


How do I use Pod while traveling or camping?

Pod is a great travel companion, ensuring you water is purified of any biocontamination such as germs, bacteria and viruses - meaning less stress about getting sick while you’re on the road or abroad!

Use your Pod as you normally would by activating a TriWave cycle after every refill. If you’re not too sure about the quality of your water we suggest you activate a Deep Clean cycle by shaking until you hear the second tone 🎶. The white LEDs will pulsate ∿ indicating a Deep Clean cycle is in progress. It takes 3 minutes for it to complete.

Pod does not filter your water and will not remove chemicals, debris, particulates or dissolved solids. If this is a concern - consider an additional filtration step before using Pod.

Can I take my Pod on a plane?

Yes. Most security checkpoints require you to empty your bottle of any liquids, so we suggest you do that before going through the checkpoint.


Does Pod come with a warranty?

Yes. Nuvoe Pod comes with a 1-year limited warranty

This is for all products purchased directly from and authorised retailers that covers the repair or replacement of defective materials or components. A refund will be offered if we are unable to repair or replace any defective components or materials on return of the product. The warranty does not cover issues related to normal wear & tear, misuse, loss or theft of Nuvoe products.

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