Compatible Bottles with Nuvoe Pod

Pod is compatible with most water bottles with a few exceptions.

Ensure that the neck of your bottle is wider than 36mm (1.4”). This is the vast majority of wide neck bottles on the market.

In terms of materials, Pod (which sits on the inside) and Anchor (which sticks to the outside) will happily work with metal, plastic or glass bottles. It will also work with multi-wall vacuum insulated stainless bottles.

Anchor also needs a flat surface on the outside of your bottle to stick onto.

Bottles with any straws or components that go through the middle of the bottle could interfere with Pod. This will prevent the lid from closing or cause the Pod to dislodge from Anchor.

If you have any doubts as to whether Pod will work with your bottle, reach out to our team who will be happy to confirm compatibility! Make sure to include a couple of pictures of both the outside and inside of your bottle.


For any questions, reach out on our contact page.