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Charging Cable

Charging Cable

Use your Pod with more bottles

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Charging Cable for your Nuvoe Pod. Comes in USB-A or USB-C variants. Just plug into your preferred USB socket and you're good to go!

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What chargers can I use?

Any USB charger will work. We recommend your phone charger. You can even use your computer if you'd like.

How often does Pod need to be charged?

A full charge should last around 1 month. Battery life varies depending on how often you use Pod. This estimate is based on 3-5 TriWave cycles per day.

Typically this equates to purifying over 250L (8,450 oz) of water a month on a single battery charge.

Pod is rechargeable with a provided USB cable. The device should give you many years of happy service with no extra purchases.

How do I know Pod needs charging?

Two things will happen, Pod will periodically play a tone 🎶 to indicate a low battery.

It will also continuously blink its white LEDs. Any time the white LEDs are blinking it means it will need to be recharged.

Pod will still be able to work for a couple of days after it first indicates a low battery. We suggest you recharge as soon as possible.